35th Anniversary of the Harris Matrix
International Conference on Archaeological Stratigraphy
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (Austria)
17th to 19th September 2008

Excursion Hallstatt
September 20 & 21 2008

The excursion starts not too early on September 20
and will end at about 23:00 (11 pm) on September 21.
The fee for the excursion is € 60,- (hotel, food & drinks not included!)

September 20

Hallstatt   Hallstatt is a small village next to a lake in the Alpine region of the Austrian province of Upper Austria. It always was and still is closely connected to the salt mine which is situated in a small valley above the village. This valley also is the place where the famous Iron Age cemetery is located which gave name to the Hallstatt culture of the European prehistory.
The rich cemetery and the salt mines provided archaeology with numerous important finds dating to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Mining started in the Middle Bronze Age and still is continued today which makes the Hallstatt mine the world's oldest salt mine still in use. Archaeological excavations are carried out since the middle of the 19th century in the cemetery and since the 1960s in the salt mine to add new finds every year. The salt mine provides archaeology with a number of well preserved organic finds which cannot be found anywhere else. The most important find of the last years was the world's oldest wooden staircase dated by dendrochronology to the year 1344 BC.

We will leave Vienna in the morning and drive about 4 hours to Hallstatt. There we will visit the Prehistory Museum and the excavations in the cellar of a sporting good store.

September 21

Bronze Age leather rucksack - © NHM - Natural History Museum Vienna   In the morning we will drive up the mountain by cable car into the valley to visit the Iron Age cemetery and the prehistoric parts of the salt mine (including the world's oldest wooden staircase). We will have lunch in the "Rudolfsturm" enjoying a wonderful prospect of the village, the lake and the surrounding mountains.
In the late afternoon we will drive back to Vienna.


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The International Conference on Archaeological Stratigraphy is organized by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, VIAS - Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science, University of Vienna and the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

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