The Harris Matrix was invented in 1973 by Dr. Edward C. Harris and for the first time provided archaeologists with a means to view stratigraphic sequences in diagram form. It has since been adopted by professionals worldwide.

November 2016: A Note from Dr. Harris

We're in the process of creating a new Harris Matrix website and we wanted to invite members of the stratigraphy and archeology communities to contribute. We would love to see (and share) your stories of using the Harris Matrix, images of your own Matrixes, and your favorite videos and papers about stratigraphy and the Harris Matrix. Our goal is to use this site as the foundation for our community, and enable more and more archaeologists and students to be exposed to these methods. Please send anything you'd like to share to

Create and edit the Harris Matrix
for your excavation with the new

Harris Matrix Composer

Dr. Harris has decided to give his book
"Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy"
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Additionally you will find free copies of "Practices of Archaeological Stratigraphy"
the Spanish, Hungarian, German, Slovene and the Polish editions of "Principles".

NEW: The Czech edition for free!

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This site, supported by Dr. Harris and the National Museum of Bermuda, is intended to provide a forum for information on the Matrix in archaeological studies.

Additionally it is also the home of "35th Anniversary of the Harris Matrix" - the International Conference on Archaeological Stratigraphy, held in Vienna, Austria, 17th to 19th of September 2008.

We added some photos to the conference website

If you have comments on the Harris Matrix, or need further information, contact Edward Harris at or by fax at 1-441-234-1735.