Archeologists’ Thoughts on the Harris Matrix and the Principles of Archeological Stratigraphy

It takes thousands of words to describe archeological events accurately and one Matrix to embody the knowledge.
— Archaeologist from England
Without the Harris matrix we cannot dig! I'm passing this on to the next generation of archaeologists.
— Archaeologist from Turkey
Principles of Archeological Stratigraphy is an outstanding book, and I am very glad to have a copy to use in my work!
— Archaeologist from United States of America
I have always used the principles of the Harris Matrix in my excavations, and this is a perfect opportunity to have this seminal book in a format I can use, abuse, and distribute without the risk of losing it.
— Archaeologist from Portugal
As archaeologist working in the field, Principles of Archeological Stratigraphy is one of the fundamental books for archeological excavation.
— Archaeologist from England
El Principios de Estratigrafía Arqueológica es un libro clásico de consulta recurrente que contento de tener ahora en mi biblioteca.
— Archaeologist from Chile
The Harris Matrix is an indispensable tool in archaeological excavations.
— Archaeologist from Italy
I started a degree in archaeology at 47, and now my favorite pursuit is excavation and landscape recording. As I draw and record sites, The Harris Matrix is invaluable to my post-excavation analysis.
— Archaeologist from England
I’m preparing classes for high school students about archaeologic stratigraphy. Principles of Archeological Stratigraphy is difficult to get here, but the book remains a great resource for these students that I can now access online.
— Archaeologist from Argentina